”Mrs. Murphy sees leopard dress and high heels as a must, Toulouse Lau Trec as her darling and champagne as the water of Life.”

Mrs. Murphy invites you to a never ending cocktail party. In her presence, you always have that bubbling feeling that life is wonderful, you are the hottest one at the party and that the great adventure is just about to begin ... Mrs. Murphy’s mission is to beautify life, and give us a smile on our faces while doing it. She designs not only individual products but whole worlds, or rather whole universes... Because why stop at the sky when you can be a star...!

Mrs. M is an Agent of Fabulousness and wants you to drink your morning juice out of your champagne glasses. She gives seminaries in the noble art of Woman Power, why a pair of stockings can change your life and why you should sleep in pearls, "Mrs Murphy to the Rescue".
An other important thing for women's healt is learing how to walk in high heels (true story) and therefore she has her own school, "Mrs Murphy's School of High Heels"! A two hour workshop of inspiration and sass!! Afterwards you will strut every sidewalk like it's your own catwalk!

Before becoming an Agent of Fabulousness Mrs. Murphy has worked as a designer over a decade and has been richly rewarded with prizes and awards for her work in both Sweden and abroad. Mrs. Murphy’s headquarters is located in Stockholm Sweden and run by Malin Ehlin ( / 0709-851306) and assistant Helena Mårtensson Mohell ( / 0733-370270).